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Take a look at our courses designed to simplify parenting and give your little one the best start to life!

  • Peaceful Dreams – 0-6 Month Baby Sleep Course

    Your Evidence-Based Guide To More Restful Nights, Better Naps and Less Stress

    Peaceful Dreams – 0-6 Month Baby Sleep Course

    Gentle, effective strategies to help with all the challenges of 0-6 month-old sleep, while also building a strong foundation for great sleep in the future

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  • Happy Place

    Effectively Manage Challenging Toddler Behaviour

    Happy Place

    Learn how to manage your toddler’s tantrums and meltdowns effectively, teach emotional self-regulation, and build confidence, connection and resilience, without reinforcing or encouraging challenging behavior

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  • Play, Develop, Thrive

    The Complete Guide to Development For Your Baby's First 12 Months of Life

    Play, Develop, Thrive

    Learn how to provide the best developmental foundations possible for your little one, ensure they hit all of their developmental milestones, avoid preventable positional conditions, build a secure attachment with them that lasts a lifetime, foster communication and language skills, and much more.

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  • Beyond Birth

    Postnatal exercise program

    Beyond Birth

    A physiotherapist-developed postnatal exercise program to gently and safely strengthen your body after pregnancy. 20 weeks of guided exercises specifically tailored for women who've recently given birth to help you heal and feel like strong, confident self again.

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