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The Instruction Manual For Caring For Your Newborn And Facilitating Healthy Development That You Wish They Gave You When You Left The Hospital

Build a Secure Attachment & Foster Healthy Emotional and Physical Development Throughout The First 12 Months Of Your Baby’s Life
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With Play, Develop, Thrive, You Get Crystal Clear Guidance On…

You don’t have to go it alone, figuring it all out along the way hoping you’re doing the right thing.

Play, Develop, Thrive, is the most detailed (but easy to follow) program available for new parents that lays out exactly what you need to do at each stage of your baby’s development.

Everything you learn in the course will help you provide the best developmental foundations possible for your little one, build a secure attachment with them that lasts a lifetime, foster communication and language skills, and much more.

And with detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions at every stage of development from zero to twelve months, it’s also your go-to resource when things don’t quite go as planned (because babies are human, and nothing ever goes exactly as planned).

A go-to reference created by a professional with years of clinical experience, guiding you to help make parenting easier, less stressful, and less uncertain, while ensuring you’re doing what’s best for your bub throughout their first twelve months.

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Here’s how Play, Develop, Thrive, will help

Newborn Essentials

When your newborn arrives, if there’s one thing I can guarantee it’s that you’re going to have questions! So. Many. Questions. 🙂

None of us are born knowing exactly what to do when a brand new little baby arrives in our lives, fully dependent on us for their every need.

While it’s totally normal and natural to feel uncertain (and unsure if you’re doing the right thing or not at least 10 times per day), I created this part of the program to help take away the majority of that uncertainty and doubt for you, so you can focus on enjoying every moment with your precious little bub without worrying if you’re “doing it right”.

Newborn Essentials will help you:

  • Manage the ‘Witching Hour’, also known as the period of purple crying
  • Communicate with your newborn to pick up on their cues and understand their needs
  • Avoid preventable postnatal conditions such as Plagiocephaly (flat head) & Torticollis
  • Understand the reflexes and quirky behaviors displayed by newborns so you know what they mean and when to be concerned
  • Learn how to play with your newborn to foster healthy development

Newborn Essentials is an entire course for parents of newborns on it’s own!

The Complete Guide to Tummy Time

Tummy time is one of the most important activities for babies when it comes to their development. Yet so many parents struggle with it.

In this part of the course you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to succeed with tummy time, including:

  • When to start
  • How often to do it
  • Different techniques to use at each age and stage of development
  • What to do if your baby doesn’t like tummy time (ways to adapt your tummy time activities to gradually build up your little one’s comfort levels and tolerance)
  • Understanding what’s normal at each month, and what to do if your bub falls behind

Creating a Secure Attachment & Promoting Healthy Development Through Play

In this part of the course you’ll learn age-appropriate ways to play and interact with your little one to build a secure attachment that lasts a lifetime, as well as:

  • Assisting in your little one’s development in a huge way. Play is how our children learn and grow cognitively, emotionally, and physically
  • Developing a strong foundation for healthy emotional regulation as they grow
  • Fun! Play time should be a joyous experience for you and your little one
  • Selecting age-appropriate toys at each age. You’ll learn the best toys for each age and why they are so beneficial

Develop Communication Skills

Communication skills begin to develop very early in your baby’s life. And you can actually help facilitate the development of those skills.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to promote healthy brain development and build your baby’s social and emotional skills
  • The best ways to build essential skills that are foundational to communication and learning to talk
  • How to encourage vocalization and back and forth interactions
  • How to read to your baby in a way that helps build communication skills
  • Techniques to get your baby to respond to their name
  • Common mistakes to avoid that can be detrimental to the development of communication skills

Teach your baby to roll over independently

Rolling over independently seems like a small thing, but it’s actually an incredibly important milestone. This is their first step into exploring the world around them by themselves!

Once your baby can roll over independently:

  • Their risk of SIDS is reduced
  • They start developing other muscles in their back, neck and hips that they’ll need for other crucial skills like sitting and crawling
  • It helps them improve their body awareness and coordination

Teach Your Baby To Sit Independently

In this module you’ll learn how to get your baby from lying on the floor to being able to sit independently! This milestone is so important because:

  • Sitting allows them to look around and see everything around them – which leads to a happier, more content baby
  • Studies show that sitting up has a huge positive effect on their ability to learn about objects
  • It also allows them try new types of play
  • Once they can sit, you can start playing games and activities to prepare them for crawling

Teach your baby to crawl

This huge milestone is when your baby is first able to move around independently, which opens up a whole new world for them!

This module will help you teach your baby how to transition from sitting independently to crawling.

Teaching Your Baby to Walk Independently

This may be one of the most exciting milestones your baby will achieve in their first 9-18 months of life!

In this module you’ll learn how to help your little one move from standing to being able to walk independently. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get them comfortable in standing
  • Improve their balance and confidence while standing
  • Teach them how to “cruise” (walk while holding on to furniture)
  • Help your baby learn to walk while holding toys like push walkers
  • Get them to walk independently!

Building a Strong Foundation For Talking

There are several important communication milestones that your baby will achieve as they learn how to talk. In this module you’ll learn several key activities you can do with your little one to help ensure they reach those milestones and develop the core foundations required for speech. These activities will:

  • Help them understand what different words and gestures mean
  • Develop their listening skills and increase their attention span
  • Help strengthen the bond between you and your baby
  • Build their confidence in communicating, and motivate them to continue to use their communication skills

Become a Confident, Less Anxious Parent & Stop Worrying Whether You’re “Doing The Right Thing”

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What you get inside Play, Develop, Thrive

Detailed video lessons with everything you need to help your baby’s developmental progress, from 0-12 months

Every module contains a series of videos packed with step by step guidance and examples that shows you exactly what you need to do with your little one to help them achieve specific goals and milestones crucial to their development, along with tips and tricks to make your life as a parent easier.

You’ll have age-appropriate activities and games at every age, that build on the last and help your little one grow. No more second guessing or wondering what they should be doing, and no more feeling like you’re stressing your baby trying to do things they have.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Videos

Each aspect of your newborn’s development will be filled with questions and challenges.

I’ve created videos answering all of the common questions I get from parents on each topic. And each video is timestamped so you can quickly find and jump to the answer you’re looking for.

From tummy time, to rolling, sitting, and standing, to communication and much more. If you get stuck or find something particularly challenging, you’ll get your answers here.

Quick reference guides

As a new parent, we both know time is precious! To save you time, you also get printable quick reference sheets to refer to whenever you need them. You can print out the guide for each month and keep it handy to give you a quick reminder of everything you need to know.

Toy recommendations

Inside each month’s lesson you’ll also get a list of my favourite toys that I recommend for that age. These toys are safe, fun, age appropriate, and help your baby reach those crucial developmental milestones!

If you’ve ever looked at toys for your little one and felt confused about which toys are best for them, wonder no more :).

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

I guarantee you’ll be happy with Play, Develop, Thrive. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the product, simply tell us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. Simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages does this cover?

This course is for parents of 0-12 month old babies.

I’m pregnant, can I buy the course now and use it when my baby is born?

Yes, definitely. You have 2 full years access to the course, which will well and truly cover your little one’s first 12 months.

My baby was born premature. Is Play, Develop, Thrive a good fit in this case?

Absolutely! You will simply need to adjust the timing of the milestones and activities based on how early your baby arrived, which I teach how to do in the first video in the course.

My baby has a medical condition that impacts development. Will this help?

Unfortunately Play, Develop, Thrive is not suitable if your little one has a medical condition that impacts their development. The milestones and activities in Play, Develop, Thrive are based on a neurotypical developmental timeline and are therefore not suitable. In this case I recommend seeking medical advice to get tailored recommendations for your baby.

How long do I have access to the course materials after purchasing?

You get 2 full years of access from your date of purchase, which includes all updates for free during that time.

Will the course work on my device?

Bright Beginnings is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices through any web browser. It will work on any device with a fully functional web browser and internet connection.

What happens if I need tech support?

We’re here to help! Simply drop an email to and our amazing team will help you out.

Hi There!

I’m Emma!

I’m a mum of 3, and a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with over 11 years of specialised experience.

I’m passionate about making life easier for new parents by sharing practical tips and advice that make those common (often stressful) challenges easier to navigate. And because we all want the best for our little ones, my goal is to help you do this in a way that’s also best for your child. It’s all about doing what’s best for both you and your beloved little one, not sacrificing one over the other.

I started Brightest Beginning to provide a place that parents can rely on to get reliable, practical information that takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of parenting, and gives them the peace of mind that they are giving their little one the best start to life.

If you’re ready…

  • To feel totally assured and confident that you’re doing everything you can to help your baby reach their developmental milestones in their first 12 months.
  • For eace of mind, knowing you are helping them develop correctly and safely.
  • To have a clear pathway to start and build upon each of the vital skills your baby needs to ensure they reach each milestone safely and on time.
  • To be able to do tummy time without your little one crying and getting stressed.
  • To have play time that you and your baby absolutely love, and that builds an incredible bond and secure attachment between you and your baby.
  • To understand how to talk to and communicate with your baby at every stage of the first 12 months of life, to bond with them and help develop their communication skills.
  • And to know what not to do with your precious bub.

Then I would love to help you achieve all of this and more.

Click below to join Play, Develop, Thrive today, and let’s simplify your parenting journey together.
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